Capturing for scientific research

If all the conflict in the world could be wiped away, what a wonderful world this would be – conflict revolution to peaceful coexistence.

To get an understanding of HWC (Human Wildlife Conflict) between farmers and predators, you have to learn from the masters themselves. Currently I am capturing and fitting GPS collars to Jackal and Caracal, enjoying the privilege to work with these amazing and highly intelligent predators. And in this process helping humans (farmers) to understand the challenge in managing this conflict.

Black backed jackal collaring

Finding only the territorial animals for GPS collaring can be challenging but the years of experience provides the successful outcome which is so rewarding.

Start tracking

Once fitted with their collars it is time to sit back and observe how this magnificent creature goes about in his daily or rather nightly routine outsmarting livestock farmers and hunters. Watching step by step how they reveal their deepest secrets.
Even the silent hunters like the caracal was collard to examine their movements around livestock and how they operate in nature.

Collaring Caracal

Observing the interaction between these two magnificent predators (Black backed jackal and Caracal) sharing the same habitat, maintaining the same goal, fighting the same endurance battle, to outmanoeuvre humans, to survive and secure the future of their species within the human space, especially farmland situations will be a privilege.