Into the red dunes


Training will always be one of the most important aspects of predator management. Predators will definitely not vanish from the face of the earth and therefore it is every farmer’s duty to get himself and then his workforce to an acceptable standard were everybody has suitable knowledge so that they can implement a workable management plan where everyone contributes to the effective plan.

I have been all over South Africa training and advising farmers on predator management. Observing, visiting and exploring many different biodiversity’s there is always the one that will stay close to one’s heart. The Northern parts of the Northern Cape is the area from Postmasburg to Volop where the beautiful and majestic red dunes of the Namib Desert starts changing the landscape.

An area just a few kilometers outside Volop was identified for a predator training and information day. At the farm in the garage the farm owners and farm workers were sitting side by side seeking information about this huge problem threatening the livelihood of everybody involved and trying to make a living on this beautiful stretch of land.

After the theoretical presentation everybody got onto the vehicles and off we went to the veld for some practical work.

The group gathered for the practical demonstration on how to set the cage traps for caracal. Part of the practical work included a walk on the red sand looking for evidence left behind by predators. Everyone was given opportunity to give feedback from what they have learned during the day.

The group photo at the end of the day

A big thank you to the farmers and their co-workers for a very unique experience that can only be found in this part of the world. To Johannes and his wife for all the preparations and hard work and also providing accommodation for the night, I really appreciate the hospitality and thanks again.