Sharing Mutual Interests

What an absolute honour and privilege it was to host Dr. Benjamin Allen en his family for a week on my farm in the Karoo. Dr Allen (Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow/Wildlife Research Australia) is working in Australia on Wildlife and especially on predators and predation management strategies. He is widely recognized for his expertise on dingos.

The Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) in Australia, like the Black backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) in South Africa is accountable for most of the livestock losses. With our common interests and the same goal in mind, to assist in the worldwide crises with reducing Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC), we spent some quality time in sharing information and discussing management strategies.

With our common interest and shared enthusiasm to work with predators the visit on the farm was absolutely too short, chatting every evening until late around the fire and watch the crack of dawn every morning over the unspoilt magnificence of the Karoo was mind boggling. Notwithstanding all the hours of talking, the days was just too short and the hours too little to cover all the topics, answering all the questions and sharing all our predator related ideas.

Dr Allen, his wife and two kids enjoying the outdoors while trying to stay warm in an unexpected cold front with freezing temperatures and gale force winds harassing the Karoo. What an absolute pleasure it was hosting them and definitely looking forward to their next visit.